Trout Fishing Hooks

Trout fishing is prevalent; presentation and hook choice are essential to give you a greater chance of landing more fish from lakes and rivers.

trout fishing hooks

Trout fishing is prevalent; presentation and trout fishing hooks choice is essential to give you a greater chance of landing more fish from lakes and rivers.

Trout can be fussy when it comes to presentation and technique.
One essential factor in landing that prized trout is the size and style of hook you use.

In most cases, the smaller the hook you use, the better, although that can change depending on the size of trout you are targeting.

In this article, we have explored the different types and sizes of hooks for trout fishing which are available to order online. I hope you find this article informative, and it will help you catch and land more fish on your next trout fishing trip.

The factors in selecting the best trout fishing hooks

  • How big are the trout you will target – are they small brown trout or large rainbow trout?
  • Are you fishing in a lake, stream, or river?
  • What bait is one planning on using?
  • What kind of hook? A standard hook, a barbless hook?

How to select the correct hook size?

Selecting the correct hook size for trout fishing is all down to the type of trout you are targeting and the bait you are using.

Trout hook types?

The most popular choice recently, especially for catch and release trout fishing, is single barbless hooks.

Single trout hooks

trout fishing hooks

Bait fishing for trout

Bait fishing for trout requires a single trout hook, barbless if possible. The length (shank) of the hook can be varied depending on what bait you are using.

Flyfishing for trout

Again all using single and ideally barbless hooks, the most popular flies are presented on hooks from size #8 right up to size #16 or smaller, depending on the size of trout you are targeting.

Treble trout hooks

Lure fishing for trout

For lure fishing or using, spinners all have a treble hook.

Treble hooks are three hooks joined together at the shaft and molded into a single eye. Again if you can to reduce or avoid damage to the trout’s mouth uses barbless treble hooks, especially if releasing trout back. These will minimize any damage and allow fish to be returned safely.

if you are unable to get a spinner or lure with barbless treble hooks, you can file the barbs down on the hooks instead.

Trout hooks sizes depend on bait/method

Live worms – Hook sizes #8 to #12

When fishing live worms, we recommend hooks sizes between #8 and #12 using barbless hooks; check out this selection here of popular hooks.

Sweetcorn – Hook size #12

When using sweetcorn as bait, I highly recommend Gamakatsu hooks – size #12. A top-quality hook for this method of fishing.

Other trout hook recommendations

Check out these great options next time you’re looking to order some trout fishing hooks:
Barbless Trout Fishing hooks – Size #8
Size #10 Barbless Trout Fishing hooks
Barbless Size #12 Trout Fishing hooks

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